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May 13, 2009


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April Partin

I totally agree. Sent my little one to Preschool today with a TINY cough, and her usually-sunny-and-appreciative teacher brought her back glaring as my daughter hacked her lungs out - no fever, no snot, but still. Where is the limit?

Mayanna Allen

I think a line of Hello Kitty hazmat suits would make a killing. Just pop the wee one in, and fear not. Germs will never reach the little darling's orifice's through the charming pink respirator and matching goggles!

Amy Mac (the sister hehe)

I go with the rule of 5 fever vomiting diarrhea pinkeye colored snot. The last having to be in conjunction with one of the others lol ...oh wait I will add lice to that list no one likes lice please for god sake atleast brush your childs hair before you send them to school so you know if somethings crawling on it

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